LOS ANGELES, Calif. – The debut of chefs Roy Choi and Daniel Patterson’s new healthy fast food restaurant, LocoL, is poised to open soon with another fresh offer: $1 gourmet coffee.

The chefs have partnered with Tony Konecny, co-founder of Tonx Coffee, to offer $1 cups of gourmet coffee at LocoL in Watts, California, reports The beans will be procured via an in-house roasting operation.

Beverages that customers won’t find at LocoL are soft drinks, notes the news source, adding that instead diners can choose from aqua frescas and coffee.

The celebrity chefs announced in 2014 that they were planning to open the first of their healthy fast-food restaurants in early 2015, designed to compete in areas with fast-food chains such as McDonald’s.

According to its website, LocoL is “real fast food made with the ideology, heart and science of a chef.”

“We believe that fast food restaurants can truly empower the communities they currently underserve. We believe that the giant corporations that feed most of America have degraded our communities by maximizing profits over decades. We believe that chefs should feed America, and not suits,” notes the website.

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