How the Health Trend Will Impact Kids’ Food Products

When developing food products for kids, brands must focus on appealing to the child and the actual buyers, mom and dad. Packaged Facts states that when parents shop for kid’s food products, nutrition is most important followed by convenience, pricing and flexibility in pricing. Since nutrition has the biggest impact on whether or not parents choose to purchase a food product, how can brands adapt to this new health trend?


Brands and food distributors must remember that 42% of all households with children belong to Millennial moms and dads. There has been endless research on Millennials’ desire for healthier, all-natural foods, and this preference applies to the foods they buy for their children as well. Even lower-income Millennial parents prefer to pay more for healthier foods for their children than buy cheaper, “junk” foods.


Packaged Foods predicts that categories including ready-to-eat cereals, fruit snacks and other lunchbox foods will be hit the hardest by the health trend. These brands need to focus on improving their products by removing artificial ingredients and sweeteners while still maintaining the popular taste.


These categories should also focus on incorporating more fruits and vegetables without changing the taste of their products. This move will appease health-conscious parents while still attracting kids, who influence over 25% of parents when it comes to deciding what products to buy. Food distributors will see an increase in kid-friendly foods such as pizza, spaghetti, smoothies and desserts that find a way to sneak in fruits and vegetables and adapt to the “stealth health” trend.


Brands such as Ian’s Natural Foods and GoGo Squeez have captured the attention of Millennial parents because they take a healthier approach to classic kid-friendly foods. Ian’s Natural Foods, a line of frozen meals designed for kids, are gluten free and pride themselves on being a cleaner choice in the frozen food aisle. GoGo Squeez, a product line of conveniently packaged apple sauces, appeal to parents because they are all natural and made from 100% fruit. Both of these brands take foods that are normally considered to be packed full of sugar and artificial ingredients and put a healthy twist on them to gain parents’ approval. Food distributors should look to capitalize on the success of these products by delivering more healthy options to retailers.


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