Will Snacking Transform Breakfast Goods?

Jared Koerten, senior analyst at Euromonitor, a global insight and consumer research firm, recently stated at SNAC International’s SNAXPO conference that Americans are snacking more, especially when on-the-go, a habit that will completely disrupt how consumers view breakfast.


Consumers are increasingly turning to snacking on-the-go, specifically when in the car, to save time in the morning on their way to work. This means that traditional breakfast foods including cereal, bacon and eggs, pancakes and waffles will no longer fit the average consumer’s morning lifestyle. Because of this, it’s no surprise that ready-to-eat cereal sales fell around $4 billion between 2000 and 2015.


To stay competitive in the breakfast market, brands must not only focus on health-conscious options, but also convenience. Food distributors should merchandise healthy breakfast foods around the register and towards the front of the store to immediately grab rushed consumers’ attention as they stop in for gas on their way to work.


As more and more consumers turn to replacing meals with snack products, food distributors and retailers must increase the number of high-protein product offerings. This is because consumers perceive high protein products as being more filling and acceptable for a meal replacement snack. Brands should advertise the protein content clearly on the front of the package to ensure products fly off of the shelves, especially during peak breakfast hours.


Food distributors and retailers should not be afraid of introducing uniquely flavored products, even if they’re not considered “normal” for breakfast. Millennials, a growing and powerful group of consumers, are always looking for unique flavors, textures and ingredients, even for breakfast.


Products such as breakfast biscuits, yogurts, and meal replacement bars will be sought after from these snack-happy consumers. One brand of breakfast biscuits, Belvita, saw an increase in sales from $75 million in 2012 to $150 million in 2014! Brands are finding ways to innovate and create new products to surprise this consumer group, including the Lance Quick Starts breakfast biscuit sandwiches that combine whole grain crackers with Greek yogurt. Retailers and food distributors should be on the lookout for new products such as these that marry together nutritional content and convenience to create a full, satisfying breakfast meal.


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